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  AIO Server Manager برنامج

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تاريخ التسجيل : 29/12/2015

مُساهمةموضوع: AIO Server Manager برنامج   الخميس يناير 14, 2016 11:50 am

I hope you're all doing fine.

Today from our team which consist of three people(NoN_Stop , Sarkolata , LastThief) We're introducing brand new program that will make era in sro management world !

SMC is really complex so we're trying to cover all smc functions to be able to throw your smc at the bin and not to use it again !

So let's take trip on the functions and hot fixes since it was released

-Account Creator
-Password Changer
-Account Remover
-JID Finder
-Character Editor
-Privileged IP Inserter
-Hide to tray
-Start all modules
-Shutdown all modules
-Start services
-Fixed high cpu usage problems (endless loops)
-Increased module starting time to 5 seconds each module
-AIO is now communicating with certification without any .bat file
-Added start services and it's working completely (tested on different servers)
-Re-done some guis (creating account , pw change etc) now it's looking better
-Added a lot of try catch blocks which means the program will encounter less crashes while working
-Added program logger to trig any actions that is occurring in program so when you wake up you can see what did the program do while you was sleeping
-Fixed certification path complexity(You can now place your cert anywhere you want !)
-Replaced programs timers with advanced technology System.Threading timer call back
-Automatic reconnect to global manager in case of crashing or so(unlike smc it doesn't reconnect)
-Fixed program freezing while starting modules !
-Codes fixes and improvements and optimizations

To download the latest version  1.2

*Note you can request the source it won't be given to random people as well as that the program is packed it may give false positives
*If you found any bugs please report at thread
*Updates will follow !
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AIO Server Manager برنامج
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